InSTEDD: A Competitive Audit

InSTEDD: A Competitive Audit - student project

Hi Everyone,

I'm taking this class as part of my Communications Internship with InSTEDD, and this represents my first  attempt at generating a competitive audit or any kind of content analysis. As such, I relied more on intuition and my prior knowledge of visual analysis in thinking about the types of things to look for in contrasting the websites.

The main issues with the current InSTEDD website, as I see it, center around organization and accessibility. The information conveyed on the site is intended for a variety of audiences with varying levels of knowledge, which makes ease of understanding across audience types a primary concern. And since the website is fairly comprehensive, easily navigating through the large number of pages is critical.

My final recommendations may seem a bit general, and I'd appreciate feedback on how to make them more focused. Any comments or suggestions are very welcome as well!!

You can see my presentation here:


Lucy Kang
Explorer of terra incognita