InCrowd SC (Scooter Club) WA (Western Australia)

InCrowd SC (Scooter Club) WA (Western Australia) - student project

After looking at retro/vintage ads, I had an idea for my concept. I used two different vintage style fonts, but merged the layers and edited them by hand to look more unique. I found a photo of a vintage Vespa and used a tutorial on YouTube to turn it into a drawing, made it black and white, then recolored it red using another YouTube tutorial. I added the retro sunburst, which was originally blue, and changed it to yellow. Then I used the eraser with a feather setting to remove the edges so it faded instead of a hard line. It was challenging to decide on a color, strangley cyan looked pretty good but thought yellow fit the best overall. Very open to feedback, thank you.

InCrowd SC (Scooter Club) WA (Western Australia) - image 1 - student project