Manuel Jaen

Artist and Graphic Designer



In the years of my childhood

Hi Christine and thanks for your class:

I grew up in the 70s, my first influences were mainly movies and comic books. There are also some experiences that I recall has something as enlighten or epiphany, one of them in particular was seeing the colorful Caribbean fish beneath the surface for the first time. I could never imagine that there in the middle of sea, there would be such beautiful colors hiding under it. Maybe that is why one of my first drawing in kinder garden that won a prize, was base on a whale in the middle of the sea. I still have some of my sketchbooks they all are about all my playing activities.

This project has made me realize the great amount of surrealism in the things I admired, in them too there is also a great amount art attributed to fantasy. This is factor that is always present in all my artistic matters; fantasy seems to be a better way to see reality or a way to improve it, some things can only be understood thru it. Fantasy is hope in better ways and creativity nurtures from it.

Because of the love I had for magazines like Heavy Metal I decided to study graphic design and learn to draw. But it was after a visit to the Prado Museum in Madrid Spain, that I made the decision to enroll in the Academy of Arts and become a Painter. Goya, Caravaggio, Bosh and Velazquez made a big impression; they change me just seeing them once.


Thanks, please share your thoughts.


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