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In the bush

In the dry weather the palnts drop their leaves

On a hot day my feet crunch through this litter on the forest floor.

I feel so blessed to be able to take my lunch into the bush, to sit by the creek where the water dragons leap from the sunny bank into the water to hide when they hear me. I know that when I am gone they will comeout again to soak up the heat of the sun.

There are so many flowers along this bush path. I have been visiting for a year now and each time I see the flowers of the month or the week. at the moment it is a yellow bansia flower, perhaps banksia marginata. as well as this there is a pale wattle yellow in bloom.

For a while there were waratahs blooming. After that the woody pear flowered and there new leaves were bright yellow and orange and brought my attention, If I hadn't seen them then I would not have noticed what they are.


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