In the Wake of the Etherae - A Novel!

This is a terrible preview image, we know. It's not what we plan on using for actual KS launch, but we probably won't be launching until june at least. If anyone would like to draw us something, we accept donations! ;)

Project link on Kickstarter:

In the Wake of the Etherae is a Young Adult science fiction novel that tells the story of a world that was destroyed by a war between two races: The humans and the Etherae, an alien race that arrived on Earth seventeen years before our story takes place. Here is the official description:

The only thing they could be certain of was that the world would never be the same again.

In a post-war Earth, survivors try to pick up the pieces of what their world used to be. After a race called the Etherae, from the planet Etherar found their way to this planet, life became a game of survival of the fittest. Seventeen years later, the new generation and what little is left of what was once known as civilization is struggling to find their place and rebuild their lives. But the war is not quite over yet. With the integration of the Etherae in human society, a new race has been created. A hybrid race. Can they coexist with humans? Or has this relationship been doomed from the moment their ancestors crossed each others' paths?

Our book is currently sitting at 80k words, and we have already planned enough for two more, making this a trilogy. But this world we've created and its survivors have a lot of stories to tell, enough that we're toying with the idea of a whole series based on this universe.

Book One, In the Wake of the Etherae, is told from two character's point of view. Cora Warren, a strong young woman who has seen the worst side of the war, determined to fight for the rights of the Hybrid children. And Matthew Ford a divided young man who grew up inside the walls of Marhew, the human town that is still standing, and is forced to work for men capable of the worst kind of torture in order to provide for the little family he has left.

The reason we are bringing our book to Kickstarter is because we believe our story hads potential and we want to make sure it's the best it can be. We would like your support to hire an artist to design our covers, and an editor to go over our story with us and tell us where we can make it better.


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