In the Plaza

In the Plaza - student project

I live in the Bay Area of northern California where there are hundreds of interesting and beautiful neighborhoods. For this project, I wanted to challenge myself to take more pictures of people and to see if i could get good images in a mundane setting.

Malls like the El Cerrito Plaza have taken over many of the functions of traditional downtowns. This is were people of all ages gather.

In the Plaza - image 1 - student project

It's where people meet friends.

In the Plaza - image 2 - student project

It's where they shop

In the Plaza - image 3 - student project

where some explore

In the Plaza - image 4 - student project

And some are just passing through on their way to somewhere else.

In the Plaza - image 5 - student project

This last one is here because I like the color and the sun behind.

In the Plaza - image 6 - student project