In the Name of Purple and Gold..or Pink..or Brown..well anything!

* Introduction*      Hi, My name is Taylor Isaac. I am a freshman at MACC, and have recently changed my mind on my major that was going to be ASL interpreting, to a new love of mine...MAKE UP!!! I will be attending Merrell University in the fall and I have been trying to start learning some different techniques and looks. I have always been a fan of the make up world and been a girly girl since I was born. So I try out looks every Sunday and post them on my Facebook as the start of a portfolio.  I’m very excited about becoming a make up artist and learning all I can about how to get there.  Here are some pictures on some looks I have put together.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    * Project*           

******The first picture is my daytime look I use when I feel peppy :) Its very similar to the cover photo, but not as dark and daring with the cut outs on the crease. I use 3 different shades of purple light, medium and dark. Then just above the crease I use a mauve color to blend it in towards the brow. I use gold liner to make the gold eyeshadow hold brighter, paint on some liner wings and boom done. I also play with other colors with this design, browns with a gold center looks amazing as well.                             ****** The second and third picture would be my night looks, I prefer the clean slightly blushed skin, dark plum red lipstick ,and a simple winged liner with nice brows to the third look, but I did the third for that fun party night...maybe even a prom?                                                                                                        ******The third look was done using a yellow highlighting color on the corners and below the arches of the brows, black liner smudged outward to create a smokey effect then topped with sparkly black shadow. Then i dabbed on pink glitter on the lid. I would say the hardest part of the third look was creating the cut out on the crease just perfect and not making it look to dark or too light..uhghgjhg.. that was hard, but i did it!




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