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In the Lonely Hour



May 28, 2012. Knowing he had to leave his friends and family, Zayn Malik, fled to keep himself from being killed off... or at least he thought so until he realizes that his last hour was his loneliest.


Just a freshman in college and in a lot of debt, Zayn found himself getting a job on his very first day of school within minutes of meeting someone. Soon, Zayn was working for one of the most notorious drug lords in California... with the exception that his friends and family didn't know. Months later, Zayn's had enough. He wants to quit. Quit hurting people. Quit dealing drugs and quit keeping all these secrets, but quitting a drug dealing job isn't that simple. His boss doesn't fully agree, but he finally gives Zayn two choices: flee without telling anyone or accept the consequences and die. Zayn chooses to flee. His boss promises to let him go alive and disappear, but anyone can certainly break a promise... right? Totally. 

What happens when his four best friends get a call from the police telling them that their best friend is dead because he "commited suicide"? He tried to save them from being disappointed in him but now they were just torn apart about his death.

...but that was three years ago. How did one death affect four amazing best friends?

-Excerpt from the chapter-

Zayn's POV


Maybe it was for the better: me dying. My four best friends would suffer but it's better avoinding them being disappointed in me when they get told what I did for a job. Also, it saves them from being hurt by the a**hole who runs this whole business. It's like i'm taking one for the team.

I finished my thoughts as my body hit the cold water and my head made contact with the rocks below. At that moment my whole world went black.

Niall's POV


I dropped the phone and sat down on the floor shocked. Zayn, dead? That was impossible? It couldn't be, he would'be told us if something was bothering him. I wasn't a guy to cry but one of my best friends had just commited suicide.

Harry picked up the phone, "Hello? ...I understand ...I will make sure to call her ...thank you sir," he hung up the phone and spoke towards Louis and Liam who were very confused at the moment towards my reaction. "Zayn committed suicide," Harry stared down at my phone for a second and then threw it in anger against the wall and punched the desk beside him. Liam held his head in shocked at the news, while Louis patted my shoulder as I cried.

Zayn was dead and gone. What would become of the four of us now that he wasn't with us anymore?

Targeted Audience: Y/A readers, Fan Fiction readers who like/love One Direction

(Disclaimer: I wrote this when Zayn had recently dropped out of One Direction, so it was a way for me to finalize his departure from 1D)


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