Rohit Jesudian

I design therefore I am



In the Beginning

I have wanted to master the art of lettering for quite a while now, but the ever growing list of things to do for my coding projects kept me at bay, until I came across this class. So the journey begins with the subject. Trying to find the perfect book is always hard, especially when you are not an avid reader. Glancing through the resources around me I noticed that I had quite a few Bibles lying all over my house and decided to use Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament, as my book of choice for this project.

There are so many things to consider and so many key points that grip you at every turn of this fascinating book of the origin of everything, however the form that the devil takes as a serpent interested me. In other books Lucifer, the devil, is shown as brighter than the morning star, a power-hungry ego-centric smooth-talker who is bent on being the one.


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