In love with Channel Islands

As a photographer I've heard about actions a lot. Advantages and disadvantages as well...

Because I use for editing my images Adobe Lightroom and just starting understanding Photoshop, I was really curious what it can do. Of course there is still a lot of stuff to learn, I know. But at least now I fully understand actions and know what it is all about.

In this project I wanted to show that we have to THINK about what action will we use for. What works for one image doesn't have to work for any other. 

I haven't played around a lot, just basic photo edits as Meg showed us, but I used the first action I have created for the first image and then applied it for second image... As you can see the scenes are completely different, the light is absolutely different, so it doesn't make sense to use the same action. But I did - just to try. And as you can see the result is terrible.

Because I love B&W images, I just quickly created the BW version of the same photo.

Thank you Meg, thank you, BIG thank you for your classes, they helped me a lot for the beginning!


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