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In charge of my life

April 18th, 2015

Hello! So, I decided to sort my life out, inspired by this lesson. Currently I feel like I'm very unproductive although I am actually pretty active. I am at university studying Graphic and Product Design, I also have a part time internship as a graphic designer, and ~try~ going to the gym 3 times a week.

I feel unproductive cause I don't get to do any of my own personal ideas/projects, I feel like I just live for my responsibilities at uni and work.

I'm not organised at all, I tend to spread all my stuff around, my files are always messy, I forget things I have to do, and there's always a point where I just wanna sit down and cry. Also I had missed many deadlines, or almost missed them, or got really stressed and had health issues related to that.

It really got me when Tiago said all these open loops take your effiency away cause that's exactly how I feel: like I'm always thinking of stuff to do but don't have the time which makes me getting extremely overwhelmed.

So what's my current organising status?

Well, I think that was a big wake up call. Since one of the fields was "would you get ashamed if you had to show your organisation system to someone", and I said no, since I wouldn't have anything to show. (just my todoist app filled with stuff I keep postponing to the next week).

I hope this project really helps me finally getting in charge of my life.

So here we go!

Phase 1: Collecting Your Open Loops

Setting up digital container:

I'm a Windows and Android user, so what I did was downloading Todoist plug in for Chrome and Gmail. I already had Todoist on my phone, just to manage daily tasks. But now I know I can be using this a lot more efficiently.

My physical inbox is still a simple folder, I didn't really have anything better at hand right now.




I also already had Evernote in my PC, but didn't really like this interface. let's see How it works out though.

Phase 2: Processing Tasks Using Next Physical Actions

Clean my inbox.

Ok, that was really hard. It took me about 3-4 hours straight, I had about 4000 emails in my inbox, and they were mostly junk. I created folders for a range of subjects, and now everything is pretty organised! For my references, I just bookmarked it on my "articles to read" bookmarks folder. I'm still not comfortable using evernote, the pluging crashes all the time.

What I want to do next is stop using hotmail, and move to gmail. I already use gmail for work, but not really as my main email address, so that makes me feel a lot better about moving on

I also Transformed my tasks on next physical actions on Todoist :)

April 19th, 2015.

Phase 3: Organizing Tasks in a Trusted System

Projects in Todoist

So I put all the open loops I could remember on my inbox, and created project folders to categorize them. I created 4 main folders based on areas of responsibility, entitled Design, Personal, Health and Beauty, and Hobbies. Each one of these folders are holding all my projects and a few other areas of responsibility. I thought of having the least amount of main folders as possible to keep it simple.

Reference and Project Plans

I still haven't sort out my reference and project plans container, but I'm thinking of using Google Drive for that since I already use it for work and for uni. I also heard many people talking about how you would have to get evernote premium to be able to keep everything together (sorry I don't have the money lol)

UPDATE: I found out I actually already have premium for some reason, even though I never payed for it in my life. So I did it just like the organisation he suggested, although I believe I have to adjust somethings.

Next steps are doing the same about my google Drive and Computer (that will be the hardest part for sure) I also downloaded google calendar app in my phone.

Update: I made a lot of progress with the files in my computet and I'm so proud! It follows the same organization system as Evernote!

April 20th, 2015.

Phase 4: Reviewing Projects and Areas of Responsibility

Ok, so I was all wrong about clearing my inbox being the hardest challenge. Actually the hardest challenge will be reviewing everyday, every week and every month all my tasks and projects, because I'm not only lazy and have comitment issues, my schedule is also bit crazy since I have many activities in different times. Nevertheless I still came up with a plan which is doing my daily reviews always in the morning as soon as I can. Tuesday and Thursdaywhen I get to work, Monday and Friday as soon as I get to uni, and Wednesday after I have breakfast. My weekly review will be on Sundays, and my monthly review on the last Sunday of each month.

I created a checklist in evernote so I could reach it anywhere at anytime.

Phase 5: Doing Things

Since labelling in Todoist is a premium feature, I decided I would ditch one of the labels which is context since what I have to do the most is on my computer, and add to each task the time I will spend and the energy level using codes so I can find them using the research button.


5m - up to 5 minutes

20m - up to 20 minutes

1h - 1 hour or more





This is how it works:

UPDATE - April 28th, 2015

So, in my opinion I'm having a good adaptation period to GTD. I decided not to label my tasks because it was actually time demanding for me, and I didn't feel actually empowered by it. I thought it made my titles look a bit messy even. 

I've been doing  my daily review, but not in the format suggested. I don't know if this is bad, but I handle todoist, email and calendar in different times of the day, basically when I remember to have a look. This happens usually in the morning anyways, but the thing is, I don't actually set a time to do it. Maybe I still need to get used to the "meeting" so I can condense the time spent on GTD.

But in anyway, I'm very happy to be doing this. I feel already more empowered because I see how many tasks I completed, and how my productivity is improving overtime. Check out my todoist daily digest for today :)


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