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In case of Emergency

What to do and where to go in case of Emergency in Southern Africa? What do you do when one of your business colleagues get stuck in Africa.

Do you know how to get someone ready to travel? Do you know the IATA guidelines?

Do you know the numbers to call when in trouble?

Do you have right insurance to cover your trip.

Do you need vaccinations?

Have you got identification on you?

Ask me!

Me? Who would play me in a movie? Mark Wahlberg I should think.....

The five things I enjoy most:

1. Emergency Medicine

2. Exercise

3. Photogrpahy

4. Reading around the movement of electronic medical records

5. Leadership development.

I am a well-travelled doctor that have done duty in the most remote countries in the world. Have dealt with more than 50 countries officials. On a recent trip to Pemba (Mozambique) a man overheard that I am a doctor and asked for help. We were quickly able to diagnose him with malaria and could give him the right treatment. In a not so good story in the same trip, a hunter had to be flown via helicopter and then fixed wing aircraft from Mozambique to Johannesburg and ended up in intesive care. Malaria can be fatal in these areas of the world, it is thus imperative to leave yourself a form of identification as well as an action plan to get help.

I specialise in getting people ready for travel, know the insides of where to go for help and also know the wind down of a trip. I have a passion for electronic patient records and identification.

This is not an area that can be taught in a classroom, the experience I have comes from having seen people in difficult situations. Even though this cannot be taught in a classroom, I've spent a lot of time in a classroom. I have received degrees in Medicine, Econimics and a MBA in my studies. This qualifies me well to start-up and lead a travel-and occupational travel related company in Africa.

I am looking to connect with international companies looking to further their business visits to Southern Africa or even want to place a project in the region. Through my previous knowledge and connections within the region I can help.


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