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Juliana Loh

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In bed with Smudge the tuxedo cat

Hello! I am Juliana and you can find me on Instagram where Smudge stars in some of my photos @chickenscrawlings

Smudge is my tuxedo cat who is a Beijing rescue and has relocated with me from Beijing to Hong Kong and now Macau.

She is really timid and shy and quite lazy as all she does all day and night is sleep! She was very badly abused when she was taken in from the streets and is terribly afraid of strangers.

She has now embraced us as family and is also a very chatty cat when nobody else is around.

I suppose she is not that difficult to capture as she is either always sleeping (day or night!) on just laying down instead of running around.

I am a DSLR novice and really excited to work the camera more often to get to know it better.



She loves lounging around and hanging out. She is most often found sleeping on our pillows, on the bed and sometimes the sofa.



She's also got black spots under her paws... which i should have made the focal point but light setting was a little too dark.



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