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In Your Secret Place

I created this blog 5 years ago right before entering seminary. Now that school is over, I want to finally get it up and going. I've decided to set goals for the upcoming year and will reevaluate at the end of the year.


Blog purpose

  • Become a wellness expert by teaching
  • creatively share thoughts and ideas
  • encourage visitors to connect with their story by sharing God’s stories in an engaging and insightful way (biblical storytelling)


My target audience is women, but the site will be inclusive of all genders and faiths.

Target #1:


  • urban woman
  • Christian
  • 20s suffered past trauma
  • college degree
  • infrequent attendance to church services


  • faith the size of a mustard seed
  • feeling lost
  • ashamed of her story
  • holding onto pain of her past
  • feels she has no voice

Lucy is a 30 something year old young urban woman who experienced multiple traumatic events in her life. She presents herself as enthusiastic and fun, but carries a lot of pain from her past. She is ashamed of her past because of the traumas she suffered.

Target #2


  • female
  • Christian
  • 40s
  • single mom
  • no degree


  • “hyper” Christian
  • always at church
  • legalist when it comes to Bible
  • hold many personal secrets
  • “chasing” after God

Suzy is a single mom who is very active in church and lives in a metropolitan area. She is raising her children in the  Christian faith and often finds herself searching for new jobs She is an active member of her church and seems to seek out relationships with church leadership. She uses her faith to manage stressful situations and is holding onto a lot of personal secrets that may be scandalous to others in her faith community.

Target #3


  • woman
  • 28 years old
  • lives outside of the city
  • college degree
  • small business owner


  • spiritual, but not religious
  • ambitious
  • always on the go
  • knowledgeable and creative
  • not afraid to take risks
  • searching (faith)

Kim is an energetic 28 year old who is ambitious in all areas of her life. She belongs to a faith community, but is not actively practicing. She owns a successful creative small business and is willing to take risks in the name of personal growth. She is always looking ahead to the next big thing.


  • relational - overbearing = engaging
  • scripture - rhetoric = insightful
  • story - shaming = encouraging
  • conversational - formal = amiable
  • relaxed - overloaded = peaceful


  • goal : begin building brand/community that will increase readership and gain 500 subscribers by the end of 2016
  • goal: generate enough revenue by the end of 2016 to sustain the site
  • outcome: use as a marketing tool to generate opportunities to minister and biblical storytelling

Brand statement

In Your Secret Place is an engaging, insightful and healing community focused on providing content about creating sacred time and space to busy, overloaded and wounded women so that they can exhale, relax and listen for God’s voice in the midst of the chaos.

The purpose of the community is to promote healing, encourage members to embrace their story, and reconnect their story to God’s stories.

The purpose of the community is to promote healing, encourage members to embrace their story, and reconnect their story to God’s stories. It will provide ways to live well with the use of aromatherapy, wellness tools and biblical storytelling; creating opportunities to balance the mind, body and spirit, allowing the individual to be present to self and the guidance of God.

Content Pillars

  • Temple Maintenance (living well)
  • Sacred space
  • Sacred Aromatherapy


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Flipboard
  • Pinterest

Editorial calendar

  • Engagement - 3 times a month
    • tips & tidbits once a month
    • inspirational pics &/or videos
  • Evergreen - main topic once a month
  • Events - when appropriate

Roles & Responsibility

I will be wearing all the hats for the blog. I have family member who will take on the role of copywriter.


This schedule is a little extensive right now, so I may explore ways to cut it down.

  • Link share = 0
  • Publish = 0
  • Schedule post = - 1 days
  • Proof recording - final = - 2 days
  • Edit recording = - 4 days
  • Record = - 6 days
  • Content revised = - 7 days
  • Proof read = - 8 days :: Gloria
  • Email to copywriter = - 10 days
  • Write = - 14 days
  • Research topic = - 21 days

Editorial calendar

  • I use paper to work out the calendar, but will give Trello a try.

That's it! I welcome your feedback.


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