In Waves

Hey everyone! It's been awesome seeing what everyone is creating & how much inspiration can be found everywhere!

For this project I was inspired by the ocean - thinking about ocean blues, the way the blues swell deep and dark in the middle and weaves in and out of shades in waves. I watercolored a page with a bunch of dots using two shades - viridian hue and prussian blue - varying the shades as I went down the page. I started off with the most concentrated, darkest blues at the top, and as I moved down added more water to dilute the color, and bits of viridian hue to start changing the blue I started with. Then I cut up all the circles, & arranged them into concentric circles with the darkest in the middle. & last, I arranged them into a collage.

Part of what I think about with the ocean is movement and cycles, like breathing, moving in and out. The circles helped me get to that cyclical quality. This was definitely very meditative and interesting thinking about what I can do with dots!

Here's some inspiration pictures as far as colors go:
Ocean 12

& the project:



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