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In Watermelon Sugar

1. Research

Many of Brautigan's early books have photographs of him on the cover. With the first edition of In Watermelon Sugar there isn't even a title or an author's name, just a quote from the book. I've always found this rather brave, and perhaps it's one of the reasons why I've liked this book cover so much.

With that being said, I find the recent renovotion of the cover to be hidious. Perhaps the collage typography is meant to match Brautigan's whimsical style, but I feel such a treatment is out of place for this book, which I've always found to be quite serious.

2. My First Design

For my first design I got the obvious out of the way by using a picture of Richard Brautigan. I juxtaposed this with an image of a tiger though. The Tigers play a key part in the novel but are never seen.

3. My Second Design

When I originally started my second design I wanted it to look something like the cover for Ben Tarnoff's The Bohemians, but somehow it morphed into something else entirely. I still used the little ovals, but instead of putting characters in them (originally I had Brautigan in one and a girl in another) I put some objects to symbolize characters and events. I also found this anthropomorphic tiger on the internet and had to use it.

4. My Third Design

For my third design I tried to illustrate the main antagonist from the book, inBOIL. I used a picture of some Confederate soldiers as a stand-in for inBOIL and his gang, and the ruins they are standing on as a stand-in for The Forgotten Works. I cheated and placed the text from the chapter on inBOIL's suicide over the image, just so people know this meant to be inBOIL. I juxtaposed this with a picture of Adam and Eve, which could be an analogy for the main protagonist and his lady friend. The title was set in a font similar to the one used on many of the Brautigan anthologies. Of all my In Watermelon Sugar designs I dislike this version the most. It seems boring and generic compared to the previous two.


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