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In Type We Trust

So, I bought the pens I was missing and started the project today! This is so amazing, I am loving it. I took a photo of my practicing. Did everything three times till the paper sheet ends, then went for the capital letters, but since I don't have a style and neither know one, I google some cursive fonts and started copying them. Some of them didn't have the same structural idea (down stroke thick, up stroke thin), I adapted them to follow the exercise.

Here is some photos of my practicing and the phrase I choose for the Tombow pen (which I think I will have to get a new one, since the tip is giving me double strokes sometimes).



Oh, and about the Tombow pen, I found the results are better if you use it a little bit on a 60º degree, sort of, kinda diagonal towards the paper. I still have to work on the thin lines, I get a little shaky, but I am liking it!
I will keep updating this everytime I have something new ;)

Thank you, Andrea! This class is great!


I think my Prismacolors are thicker than the ones shown on the video, but I didn't find the fine ones at the store, so I stuck to mine in anyway. They worked very, VERY nice. The only difference is that I have to write a little more bigger, but at the end, I was managing to make small letters seem readable. So yay!

I am having so much fun!




So, unfortunately, I just realized I missed a pen, the Pentel, the one you squeeze to the ink to come out. I don't think they had at the store either, otherwise I would have seen. Anyway, I will leave this one on the queue and I will keep doing the other ones. The next one I did is the one with Paper Mate, Staedler Fineliner, Staedler Pigment Liner and Sakura Pigma Micron.


So far, I have notice that practicing on three sheets of paper each one of the brush pens made me improve really fast. I could actually tell how it was flowing better by the time I got to the end with the Prismacolors. Maybe it was the pen, I will go back to the Tombow to see, but at least my thin lines are not that shaky anymore. You can barely see, if they happen. So yay! :) And I really loved the Paper Mate. I don't know what it has that's different, I don't know if it's the feel but I really loved using it. On the brush pens, I don't know which one is my favorite yet, even though I've been dreaming with this Pentel brush pen. I will give my opinion when I get my hands on it. 
For now, I think it's safe to say that I am almost there at feeling comfortable with the brush pens. I think once I master the movements, I will look for a class that teaches how to come up with your own style or something. Because I've been practicing by looking fonts online and trying to do them, but I am really feeling the need to having my own or at least be able to improve. 

Have I said how much fun I am having? ;)


Now I started mixing the pens and different fonts on the same design. Also, I googled the fonts Andrea said and started practicing with them. After that, I searched for hand lettering and started copying what I was seeing. Mostly was found on Pinterest. Here it is:


I would post them separately so it's visually readable, but I made eight sheets of this today, so I don't want to spam it, hahahaha. I think it's safe to say the Tombow is my favorite, but I also like the way the tip of the Prismacolor moves (I think it moves easier than the Tombow, therefore the flow is more natural and you can barely see flaws).


Here it is my last exercises. I tried the technique of copying the letters, but I also decided to try to draw them myself, and I think it was a great idea, because as I was going through the alphabet, I realized some small nuances on curves and tiny details that really define the font as itself. I tried with the ones suggested on the video, Pirogi, Museo and Harbell.




After that, I went for the light tracing exercise. I really enjoyed using the tracing paper, because I could work on my composition, since it's something I only realize the mistakes after using the pens on it. 
I didn't know what to do in terms of details for the fonts and I tried to do a wood aspect, but I didn't like it, so I fixed enough to look like it's for capital letters only. Other than that, I am pretty happy with the final result! It looks really nice!




The final result:


And that's it! Thank you, Andrea, for you class and inputs! :)


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