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Jody Linn

Artist, conservator, cake provider, insomniac.



In The Museum Drawers

I was the head conservator for a costume museum and occasionally we would have the opportunity to open the large flat drawers used to store very thin items. One drawer was fuilled with feather fans, another filed with hair combs, etc. For some of the most fragile garments, the only thing still surviving is the sequined/beaded applique that once embellished it. I started with a lot of reference pictures. 



I don't have a lot of pencil sketches as the marks were usually too light for the camera to pick up in this light.


I started off sketching with pieces overlapping like they were jumbled together but thats not how they're stored and I liked th look of them as separate pieces.


It was a challenge finding a balance with the level of detail for this one. I like to sketch wee finicky details but I didn't want too much, especially when it's seed and bugle bead scale!


I'm almost finished with laying it all out and inking. I have discovered that inking is wonderfully relaxing for my brain but terrible for my posture! I get really into what I'm doing and don't notice that I'm leaning closer and closer to the page. ;D



I love getting into the finicky cleanup stage. I also started a list of other artifacts that would be fun to turn into pages like this ;D


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