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In The Garden

I was really excited about trying out what I learned in this class. I've tried other methods and this one has been the easiest so far. This class came by just when I was doing InkTober and I had been playing around with floral images.

These flowers, particularly, stayed with me and I decided to use it when I found out about the contest.


I live above a flower shop and once in a while, one of the ladies would show me some of the plants or pods they use when they put arrangements together. In fact, I'd never seen a real pussy willow until I was given a small pot of daffodils with a couple of little branches of them.

The pussy willow found its way into one of my InkTober entries but I edited it out of my design when it didn't quite work out. Instead, I used pods and dragonflies.

I normally like to use lots of color but I decided to practice a bit of restraint on this one. Then I thought it would be nice to try a dark background.

The dark background brought on a whole different look--reminded me of the chintzy fabrics that used to everywhere in the 80's. Time to try mock-ups, I decided.

I think it looks better on plates and mugs instead of sofas! And when the pattern is bigger, it makes for a fun print to wear!

And that's it! Thank you for the class, Elizabeth! Somehow, working on the repeats seemed less of a chore with your method =)


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