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"In The Beginning"


Coming up with a name for my brand and was a long, difficult, and stressful. But it was also a exciting, driven and inspiring process. I’ve always been in to art, encompassing fashion, music, art, and design. This all came from my childhood and love for hip-hop. I loved brands like Nike, Reebok (if it involved Iverson) Nautica, Polo and North Face coming up. Growing up i couldn’t afford any of it, so I drew it. I painted t-shirts and sold them from a locker in high school. I started it before I ever heard of Miskeen but who cares it kept money in my pockets for lunch. The name for my line was Jiggaboo. The name was trendy, maybe a little derogatory but came from a honest place. My grandfather called my cosines, brother and myself that when we were coming up, and he still does. Not to mention one of my biggest inspirations know aliases was Jigga! It just made since.

After high school I worked at The Gap full time and attended AIU for fashion marketing and design. My boss at the Gap “Ed” (asshole from the Bronx) at the time was also heavy in to hip-hop and design like myself. He was a business management major at Clark Atlanta. Folding shirt after shirt, folding pants after pants started to get old really fast. Also feeling you can create this same shirt but better was just  the right amount of stress we needed. So we stared Petrol. Short for petroleum. The slogan was something like fuel your soul or some thing corny. It was a time sensitive name for a clothing line. The war in Iraq was still going on, gas was through the roof and we as a country were at the genesis of the a recession. The first design for t-shirt was going to be a gas pump poring shots in to 6 shot glasses and then 1 empty one. Glad we gave that up.

We needed something stronger and true to our desire of great design, quality and function. We both left Gap and moved on but still work on creating this brand. We brought on two more people Leesha and O. Leesha had started businesses and offered help with that aspect. O was had her masters in marketing and was on the same page as us. First things first the name Petrol had to go. So ed and my self spent weeks brain storming for a name. Usually started with the tapping of a Hennessy bottle then the ides pour out but never a name. It needed to speak to us but also to others. As a group we all had our differences and but some how it still brought us together. Thinking of that one night grabbed a dictionary and looked up words for change, life, etc. Words that touch everyone. We always listen to music when we work, so my favorite Jay-z song “Lucky Me” was on. A line in the cores took me back to when I was a child. And I remember where I was wearing everything. My Mom was giving me a life lesson after a asswoppin. But she said in more words or less “everything that glitters aint gold”. Jay’s line was “since I was 4 years old I’ve been told everything that glitters and gold and now that I’ve arrived I’ve seen the those truths unfold before my eyes in a world so cold. BONG!!!!! Thats it “Unfold”> life, change, ups and downs. The way Jay-Z was saying it was if it were bitter sweet. Now that I’ve ARRIVED or now that I’ve made it, I’ve can see the valleys and peaks, but I got that warning or heads up from my mother and life experiences. So UNFOLD LLC became our official name. The slogan for or brand came after the Logo was created. 

If you can see the forest for the trees you will see UNFOLD, put you hand over the top half or the logo. 

There are two sides to life you have your ups and downs, your valleys and your peaks. So this brand is made with you in mind. Or as we say “Made With U N Mind”. Its not made in China, or Made in Turkey, not even made in the US. Cause it really doesn't matter (as long and no children were harmed of course). But these designs are made with you as a individual in mind as well us as a people. “MWUNM” <-------------Valleys and Peaks


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