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Jorge Quinteros

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In Studio with Erik Maniscalco

Erik Maniscalco is a visual artist, born and raised in the Hudson Valley region of New York but now based in Brooklyn and recently I had the pleasure of visiting his newly constructed studio situated in the far corner of his stunning loft. I was absolutely astonished no only with select few of paintings that enhanced the upper white open space of his apartment but equally the embedded story that each one of them had which led to them being created in the first place. In order to escape the cold of New York City winters, he has been adventuring to various locations, often finding new inspiration for upcoming work. This past winter, Erik spent 4 months bacpacking through India, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

We're practically a few weeks away from the official start of Winter so last I spoke with Erik, his itineary would most likely involve hime traveling somewhere to South America which is an area he's yet to explore. What a life and I envy him for it.


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