Justina Delacruz




In Search of America

I've been taking pics in the cities I've visited for a long time but never really thought about the story behind the subject matter. Never included people in the shots before (other than my family) as i tended usually to focus on the juxtoposition of the buildings and street signs etc. In this project I wanted to to try to explore the streets through the characters I came across. I didn't feel too brave starting out but was lucky to find myself hidden in the crowds at the Cold Water Classic Surf Comp in Santa Cruz. 

On the second week I headed into Downtown Santa Cruz.

The dog just hung on patiently like a handbag.

I enjoyed how the spectators used the railings as a prop. I found their  diverse characteristics yet similar poses interesting.

I included this one as it is clearly a shot from behind and the faces are not part of the story. They are a tribe and collectively I felt the shot worthwhile.

Small dogs. Thought the juxtaposition between the big guys' shoe and the miniature dog was interesting.

This guy commanded an audience.Events over the previous afternoon had left him agitated and animated.

I don't know why I took this but I enjoyed the way that the bikes were a part of the individuals' personality and journey.

I loved the girls hair. It moved one way and she moved the other. She seemed to have a purpose whilst the crowd remained static and spectated.

I didn't think this was such a good shot but I loved the contrast between the accessories on the girl and the landscape in front.

This is perhaps one of my favourites as although the shot is candid, I feel like in some way the characters are still posing as they spectate.

Corn dogs are an American thing - you don't hear of them in England. I liked the way they grouped around the sauce intently.

Santa Cruz bike culture is completely inclusive. I love that.


Another shot from behind. Couldnt help but notice the silhouette portrait .

Sometimes I see animals are more expressive than people.



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