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In Process . . .

I still have to letter the card, but I thought I'd post my practice attempts. I've done a bit of brush lettering, so forming the letters isn't new to me (although it may look like newbie work), but working with watercolors is new for me. The things Teela made to look easy, are in fact, not so easy. Big "Duh!" eh?

Here are the things that have challenged me so far:

  • Managing the amount of water in the brush bristles
  • Lettering with a consistent color value
  • The difference between using tube colors and Sakura pigment blocks

Creating a two color blend in letters is, in my opinion, is more difficult using pigment blocks. I have a set of tube colors, so I'll test my theory later on.

In spite of the challenges, I think I really like using watercolors. Below are some of my "testing-the-waters" practice samples.







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