In My Opinion

In My Opinion - student project

I want to help, push, prod, inspire or shame, if necessary, top MBA programs to attain the ethnic and gender diversity in their student bodies to meet the leadership and management needs of corporate America (which to me includes corporations, entrepreneurial endeavors and nonprofits). On the flip side, for MBA programs to increase diversity in their programs, we need a more robust pipeline of women and minorities for them to recruit.  

Why Me? I have worked with more than 1,000 pre-MBA and MBA candidates as an admissions officer, MBA recruiter for a bank and MBA coach and mentor, running the program that sends more minorities to business school than any other. I also have an MBA. If not me, then who?

In My Opinion

I launched in September 2012 to provide guidance to MBA applicants. In My Opinion is my blog, where I give it to you straight. The goals of In My Opinion:

(1) to give MBA applicants accurate information and guidance to submit better applications (emphasis on actually hitting the submit button), and

(2) to inspire and entertain MBA applicants during the application process (the process is grueling and can be lonely).


The Map

1. List all major “players” in the system

MBA Applicants (those candidates that are applying within the next six to nine months)

MBA Programs (that want to recruit MBA Applicants)


2. List out any selfish reasons why each player would need their contacts/friends to join the service

MBA Applicants - want to receive more personal guidance or access to information, resources or discounts that they might not receive otherwise {THINKING through the privacy challenge; unlike with other graduate programs where applicants will tell the whole world that they are applying, MBA candidates tend to be working professionals who often don't tell their employers or acquaintance that they are applying to school)

MBA Programs - want their contacts (prospective students) to be better prepared. Candidates often ask representatives of MBA Programs about available admissions resources; my blog can be one. MBA Programs also want the credibility of being recognized and highlighted on the site. MBA Programs want ability to share events and information about their programs to a broader audience.


3. List out all things you could possibly charge each player for on the service

MBA Applicants - subscription service for more in-depth admissions advice and guidance 

MBA Programs - advertising to promote their programs; resource tools to help them recruit more diverse MBA candidates


4. For 2 and 3 above give a very short reason you think the player would be motivated to need their contact or pay for the service

MBA Applicants - motivated by power, money and status - that's often why they are applying to business school in the first place. Blog/ services need to seen as an indispensable resource.

MBA Programs - motivated by status and recognition - Programs want to be identified as prestigious and highly-sought after to attract top candidates to apply for admission. They also want the candidates that apply to their programs to be well-prepared and viable (i.e., they want more applicants submitting better applications).