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In My Mouth - The Food's Journey

After a long night thinking and planning what I could illustrate for this great class I decided to show the life in our mouth - especially on our toungue.

You'll find in my illustration food on their way down to the stomach. Not explained in a medical way, but in a funny and somehow crazy way.

I'm really looking forward to put my idea into action and can't wait to open Adobe Illustrator. So loving it!

Here is my first verbal idea and the sketch. I don't know if I'll refine it, because I love to use such rough sketches. It gives me much more room for intuitive changes.

Alright! DAY TWO!

I blocked in all the solids. Well, I'm pretty happy with the colour. Exactly what I imagined. I decided to leave out the extra characters off the way to make the focus more clear. 

I thinks it's going to be a long and tough job do make the whole illustration perfect to me, but I'm super ambitious and so I'll give my very best!


Just want to post a little WIP. At the moment I'm working only on the foreground elements. Feels like an endless job. But I'm still super ambitious. :)


Another WIP. It happened not so much, but a few little things. :)


Added some details on the characters and the elevators in the background. Also I did some changes on the tunnel.


We're getting closer to the end. Started adding shades and light. Kind of fun part, but also interesting how different some objects look by playing around with the shading.

Woa, I totally forgot to post my recent progress. So here it is. Just some tiny little tweaks and the project is finished. Think I'll finish it this week. :)


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