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In My Heart Plus Sunbutter and Jelly

I decided to do a second project for the July Challenge.  

My son has severe allergies to all nut products so we use Sunbutter instead of Peanut Butter in our house. So this is a "allergy friendly" take on the popular saying.

My rough draft went though many stages but I ending up with the second photo below as my final inking. I made some extra b and e because I didn't like my tracing and instead of drawing it over again I would just replace the letters.



I looked at a few vintage ads but I knew I wanted the colors to look like the products in the quote. Here is the first go with picking colors.


Finally I added the texture and played with the colors to make a more pleasing color scheme.


My First Project is Below

I'm using the project from the first class to color and add texture too.  This is the initial scan from my final from that class.


After printing it and looking it over I'm not too happy with some of the details around the word YOU.  I also need to work on some of the line weights to help when doing the live trace.

Updated 1/7/14 A.M.

After some redrawing and scanning I'm happy with the final layout. I had to scan in the quote using 3 different layers and redraws of different areas.

Since this is a quote about love I wanted to use muted tones. I used some vintage valentine's day cards and color schemes to select my colors.


Using these samples I colored my quote using different colors.


Update 1/7/14 P.M.

Played around with creating some handmade textures. Used some distressing ink on some textured cardstock, ink pad, walnut ink with a sponge, and water brush with some ink. 

Used a mixture of those textures with the brushes that come with CS6. Not sure why the .jpeg file is coming out so bright, in PSD the colors are much more muted.


Updated: 1/9/14

I didn't like how some of the detail was getting washed out on the image, so I went back and changed the color.



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