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In Love With The Soccer Player


Meet Jelina Delgado: she is intelligent, sarcastic, and always getting herself into trouble. she loves to play volleyball on the beach with her friends and she does not really believe in happy endings

Meet Malakai Rubio: He is hot, athletic, and popular. He has the ego the size of the empire state building and he loves soccer

Against all odds Malakai meets Jelina at one of his soccer games. Once they meet they have an instant connection. The two of them will have to deal with the fact happy endings are only in story tales, a big test of friendship and devotion is approaching their way and no one is certain they will make it out in one peice.

Is it meant to be?

Target Audience

In Love With The Soccer Player is about a 17 year old girl who falls in love with a boy who plays soccer and his life is dedicated to soccer. There are many obstacles they face together, this story was based on a personal experience so i hope my story connects to people who also dealt with or still deals with heartbreak and true love.

The end of my first chapter:

The game just ended and our team won. My schools crowd is cheering. Everyone is starting to make their way towards the exit. I feel someone grabbing my left arm. Not knowing who it is I swing my right arm towards their face but I froze when I realized it was Malakai. He stares at me and seems like he has something to say. "Hi Malakai." I said looking at my arm then him hoping he would let go. "Oh I am sorry." he lowered my arm down and said "thanks." in confusion I looked up to him "for what?" he looked into my eyes and told me "For being my good luck charm." He winked at me and then walked away. I never knew I was anyone good luck charm. This is going to be fun.

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