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In Honor of Valentine's Day

I started off by looking for an alphabet that I liked, and used this one as inspiration.


I knew I wanted to make a valentine's day card that was short and sweet so I came up with "Happy love day" and that way I can make it and it can be used at any point of the year, really, not just on special occasions.  You can see my first few renditions above.


I tried to do two color blending with pearl-ex as one of the other tones - which was a terrible idea.  Maybe it's because I used a lot of water?  It kind of spread out into the whole letter.  So, I decided to go with using Private Reserve Rose Rage ink mixed with Pearl-Ex and then dipping it into red watercolor.


I didn't do a good job capturing the pearl-ex sheen in the post-photography, and I am going to have to really fix that lowercase a, but overall I am pleased with the results.


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