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In His Neck of the Woods

I chose the word quiet.

I like to illustrate sayings and idioms in their literal form. I try to imagine what a child or even someone who has never heard of a certain commom saying would see in their head upon first hearing a phrase that means something quite different than what the words actually say. In this case, I chose the idiom neck of the woods.

I've actually had the idea for this illustration for a while now and with the potential of different textures and patterns and how it relates to the word quietI thought this would be a good fit for the course project.

(newest on top)


Update 3/31 - Initial vector

I decided to skip the value study and go straight to colored. I'm still deciding which texture to use for the beard and I'm still working on the pattern for the foliage on the bottom. It's still looking a little too Illustrator-y to me so I'll have to fine-tune it more. And I have to add the shirt and neck details...hopefully I can get this all done before class ends tomorrow!


Update 3/26

As I redrew this, I'm realizing that the beard is going to be the most difficult part. Should I align canopy with tree trunks below? What pattern/texture can I use to make sure that it is unmistakenly both a beard and trees/leaves? I'll have to continue experimenting.

I'm happy with the depth I'm getting with the forest in the neck and will add more foreground foliage to emphasize it more.

I'll start my value study in Illustrator soon and choose my color palette. 

Revised sketch


Initial sketches


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