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In Headlights

In Headlights

Sean and his college roommate Tommy are driving home for the summer when they hit a deer, flip the car and lose their cell phones in the wreckage. Stuck in a remote farm land, the two millennials realize just how lost they are without their digital safety nets. With Tommy badly injured, Sean must take charge and seek help from an archaic and oddball local so that they can call for help and get back home.

The Remnants of Satire

Donny, a "bad egg student", is confronted by his jaded high school english teacher, Mr. Hudson, after turning in an apparently plagiarized essay. Donny discovers some of the perversities of authority when Mr. Hudson reveals that Donny's scrubby looks and apathetic behavior are the only cause for suspicion. With the help of an eccentric creative writing teacher, Tommy must find a way around Mr. Hudson's biases and prove that he did indeed write the paper.


14 year old Emmet, who is under appreciated and constantly harassed by his two older brothers, dreams about escaping to live a gunslinger life like the ones portrayed in his dime novel westerns. When their mother dies of pneumonia and the older brothers struggle to keep the family farm intact, Emmet discovers just how much his family needs him. With Billy The Kid and Jesse James as his inspiration, Emmet devises a plan to get the farm out of hock and save his family.


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