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In Good Spirits: Unique Cocktails for Every Occasion

Hi everyone! This is my first Skillshare class, and I'm super excited to share some fun cocktail recipes from my experiences as a bartender and cooking instructor. In my class, students will learn how to use several popular spirits in conjunction with scratch-made mixers, infused simple syrups, and fresh herbs, fruits, and spices to create out-of-the-box libations. We'll cover balancing flavors and build on the basics some of you are already familiar with, plus I'll include a little fun history. I'm hoping this class will encourage students to find an occasion, any occasion, to show off their bartending prowess!

The class project: Show Off Your Spirit--will be for students to choose their favorite recipe to craft and photograph. I intentionally built a basic recipe framework with a lot of room for innovation--so I'm urging students to come up with their own mix-ins, garnishes, glassware, and even unique cocktail names! 

I welcome any and all feedback. Thanks :)


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