In Cod We Trust

In Cod We Trust - student project

Hey Guys,

For my project I'm going to recreate one of these old Cape Cod images, though I'm not sure which one I plan on chosing yet. As much as I like the first one (an old 1950's map) its a bit simple and I think the second image might push me more as I am already a bit familar with Illustrator. I was playing with the idea of using some of the more complicated colors, text, and effects from the second image and applying them to the map? Really looking forward to learning some new tricks, I know some of the self taught techniques I use are sure to be a bit backwards.

In Cod We Trust - image 1 - student project

In Cod We Trust - image 2 - student project


John DeNapoli

Architect | Illustrator | Amateur Paleontologist