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In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

     In a galaxy far, far away there existed a paradox, and within that paradox existed the ability for a person to bend the perception of vision. While this paradox was only a rumor, yet a select few people knew it existed. With the program of Photoshop, the people possessed a powerful weapon that could allow society to view said paradox, without actually being there. The program had started a new era that would change the perception of vision forever, society had become...unstoppable. 

     With my project, I used different perceptions to create a neverending story that viewers could create on thier own. The artwork to me, resembles a "galaxy" of opportunity, that is only found by those with ambition. I enjoyed creating the project because I enjoy story telling and the ability to manipulate the truth to form excitement and innovation. This project gives hope to all budding Photoshop-ists, giving them the image of no boundaries and the perception of a neverending galaxy, that awaits for them to seek it. 


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