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Improving my technique


I'm Giulia, an electronic engineer from Italy.

I love to paint and draw, especially with pencils, and especially love working on portraits, because I always find it a challenge.

This is my reference photo:

I didn't use mechanical pencil, but the normal ones because I try to shade without using the smudging but using pencils as if they were brushes to achieve the desired effect.

I started working with a 4H pencil, when I finished the main lines I clean the draw with a rubber.

Then I worked on the eyes: 

I found a lot of difficulties on drawing the eyelashes: they are very thick on the reference photo for the mascara, and after many trials I didn't find the right way to draw them.

I then continued with the nose and mouth, retouching many times to maintain the correct distance between the parts.

Then I worked on the hair:

And the finished work:

I'm pretty happy with the final result, particularly in the mouth and teeth, in which I find many difficulties usually. I could not draw hair exactly as in the reference and I am not happy with eyelashes because they don't look natural.

Any suggestion is welcome!


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