Improving my Instagram (hopefully !)

Improving my Instagram (hopefully !) - student project


Bonjour !!!

Sooooo I tried to follow Cat's tips to make my feed more cohesive for an "art for sale" account and not just showing nice pictures that just provide comments like "nice colors" and do not drive any sales...

First I changed my Instagram account from "business" to "creator", I checked my insights and found that my followers were mainly women, aged from 25 to 35 years old, living in France USA Malaysia (where my family lives), and that they were mostly online in the evening and during the week.

Therefore for the posting time, as my main followers are in France, I decided to post from now on at around 6pm, which also works for the US (morning time), unfortunately not Malaysia but I have to make a choice !

I used the "Display Purposes" hashtag generator to discover new hashtags and will try them now.

Here is an example for me :


Improving my Instagram (hopefully !) - image 1 - student project


As for my feed itself, in terms of pictures arrangement, I had a pretty consistent feed colorwise (very colourful indeed !) but not content wise...

In fact, I have two main directions in my business : temporary tattoos and watercolor painting.

In the art category, I have two distincts places to buy it : Redbubble (print on demand) and Etsy (original art) so I decided to try separating them in my feed too to make it clearer

Amandeen Art
Bodyart and Watercolor Artist