Improving my Brewing Lexicon

I wanted to take these classes to reinforce my learnings in coffee and add new touch points to my coffee journey.  The classes were simply taught and extremely helpful. Afterall, I learned a little bit about chewing my coffee. In fact by chewing this coffee I got more of the creaminess the Guatemala La Bolsa San Antonio offered. I expreienced the plum characteristcis up front when the coffee was hot and as it cooled defientley a more pronounced fruity note and some chocolate.

- @CoffeeWith_E on Twitter & Instagram


  • Kalita 102 Dripper
  • Melitta #2 Bleached filters
  • Acaia Scale
  • Yama Server
  • Bonavita Gooseneck Kettle (1 min timer to allow temp to drop from 211 to 205)


  • Coffee: Guatemala La Bolsa San Antonio
  • 1:14 Ratio for Single Origin nuances
  • 25 grams Coffee to 350 Grams of water
  • 4 Pours: 30 Sec bloom, pour to 150, pour to 250, pour to 350
  • Water TDS 130



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