Improving composition


This class was very helpful outlining the importance of good composition. That is where I struggle. 

I tried to arrange the elements in a triangle shape between the character, butterfly, and flowers. 

I also used the rule of thirds to have a more desirable placement for each element. 

I'm not sure if I used the rule of odds correctly here but my intent was to have three areas of focus which are the character 1, butterfly 2, and flowers 3. Or would it work better if there was perhaps a second butterfly instead of counting the flowers as a group..? 

I used implied texture with the tree trunk and grass and used color to tie everything together.

Added shadows to represent depth. 

I appreciate any feedback to help my composition and overall flow of my design. Thank you. 


I've added some yellowish tones to some of the leaves in the tree to have more balance from top to bottom. I'd appreciate any feedback on the revisions. Thank you!


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