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Hi - my name is Kipley Wentz and I am a professional children's entertainer. I generally perform about 250-300 shows per year for children ages 1-10. My shows combine live music, interactive puppetry, and magic tricks. I love what I do, but I am also working to build a secondary income stream based on this work.

Recently, I created a blog and online store called I only just connected google analytics yesterday so I don't have much of an overview of the stats, but according to the WP stats, over the last few months the site has gotten between 350-450 "views" per month. I'm not sure exactly what that means.

I have connected WooCommerce cart and attempted to sell items, but no luck with that yet. My plan is to revamp the site using as the model, but to focus exclusively on children's entertainers - specifically, magicians and puppeteers. The content will include interviews with successful entertainers, business-building tips, reviews of new products, and ideas for routines based on props and puppets that are sold through the site.

So, right now my goal is to increase the traffic and begin to build a community of entertainers who sign up for the mailing list, return to the site, participate in conversations, ask questions, and purchase products. I want to set up the site to attract visitors who are searching on the names of products and magic routines, and related searches.

Additionally, I have created several other sites for myself and other clients, and I hope to improve the SEO on those sites and any future sites I might build.

What is your mission?
I want to build an active community of children’s entertainers who learn, inspire each other, and purchase products from the site.

Who is your target audience?
Magicians and puppeteers who focus on entertaining children.

What is your main topic, what are your related topics?
Main topic is performing for children using magic and puppetry. Related topics include building your entertainment business, potential uses for multimedia/internet tools in entertaining children, history of entertaining children, and more.

When do you want to post & how frequently?
I want to post 2-3 times per week. Aside from participating in threads/comments, I would prefer to write multiple posts at the same time and then drip them out over the week.

Why do you want people to read your blog?
-I want to improve the overall quality of magic and puppetry for children.
-I want to gain greater respect for children’s entertainers and encourage more talented performers to enter the field.
-I want to create greater opportunities for myself and other entertainers
-I want to document the state of children’s entertainment

How much traffic are you starting with, and what are your goals?
350-450 “views” per month – I just connected google analytics, don’t have a good overview of those stats. My current goal is a list of 500 visitors who consistently visit, participate in conversations, and purchase products.


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