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Improvement time in the arts

Habit Personality type: Upholder/Obliger : Very strong  with some Questioner:Moderate tendency, I Believe alot of it come from freelanceing for others. The questioner i beileve is growing out of i want to make a art bussness of my own.

Why'd I sign up: I signed up in hopes to use this for a few things. (art improvement,  personalcare, and some others once i get the hang of this) The 1st one i want to work on is Imrovment in that arts. Most of my freelance work is coloring and with so many jobs dealing with coloring my other skills seem to get rusty. I keep telling my self that i will carve out time to improve on my drawing skills, marker skills, and original works. What ends up happening is Doing work and skipping over the resharping of my other skills. I would like to get in the habbit of for an hour to an hour and 1/2 a day working on my other skills.  I fugered follow a class i will more likly do this.

Most consistent good habit in the past: My work habbit along with my daily list. I used to have a not so good work habbut but i have trained my self to wake up ... do my daily chores list and setup for freelance work.  Which is some ways worked to well. Now my work drive is so strong i dont have the improvement time.


Repost because i stuck this in the comments by acendent lol

For those of you who have trouble with my hand writting (because it bad ) here is it typed out.

1.Art improvement 1hr & 1/2 a day. :which is praticeing or improve in different arts.

2.After dinner :I trying this because it seems to be a more contastant thing in my daily going ons. I did want to do it in the moring but i think this time i will be more likly to do it.

3. post art online & read comic book or chapter in manga or some video game time or book chapter.: I was thinking of a sweet treat or something but I think this will be better in the long run.

4. 1) Set an alarm for dinner and 2) 2nd alarm for 2hrs after dinner : i think this should do it but i will adjust this as needed.,

5. After dinner I will improve my art skill because I am the type of person who want to level up my art skills to be better.

6. 1) hr & 1/2 of art

2)hr of art

3) 1/2 hr of art

4) 15 mins of art)

5) write down 5 art ideas

**I dont think i will need it to get any easyer than that

7. *stopping to pratice art can only improve myself and make me faster

*everyone need a break to recharge the creative muscle and enjoy it.

*you always have a sketch book with you so fill it with awesome

*there is always time to feel good and improve

8. *made drawing desk clean

*drawing tools next to desk

*podcast?playlist to relax to

*will close other tabs and silence phone

9. Tracking incompletes and success

*keep track (program app)

10.  *post art to DA (and other art sites) & facebook fan page (keep me going)

*no extra sites&phone games for 2 days(if incomplete ) : : you know when you get on facebook or somewhere else and get lost on sites


*clean/sort external drive and or fileing cabnet. for 2 hours (if incomplete ) : this si somehting i really have to do but keep pushing it off.

honestly was aving trouble coming up with accountability. These 2  I think will do the trick. If not i will come up with somehting else.


Thats what i am starting with. I dont know if 100% but got to make the 1st step somewhere . wish me luck


Ok so Far I am on Day 5! Not crazy big step but still staying on time. The only thing i seem to have trouble with is checking in on the app. you think that would be the easy part but by the time i remember its hours later. Other wise the actual time i been keeping good with. Though one time i went over the hour and a half. which i dont mind to much but I still want to tey and keep it in that time frame.

So far i have done life drawing, fan art, drawing where the picture takes me,  ditial sketching, Tshirt design, and useing photos i Took to draw characters in. I really glad i working in time for these things Because even though i love freelanceing art work, I still want to explore different Arts.

you can see all my stuff so far here at my DA Scap Folder

(updated daily)

here are some examples :

Thats just some. I'll check in in a few days. :)


Another update....

 So far I have been drawing every day since i started but not without its bumbs. The hr doesn't seem to be the problem. Some of the problems have been.....

longer than hr and 1/2....

not rewarding after the art time...

time when i do it has not stayed the same.

 Even with these i am still doing the drawing. Which is good, but it doesnt feel like a habbit or routine yet. and i think its because of these things. Maybe i should change the time? For now i going to still keep it after dinner but my more of an effort to keep it around the same time. Also one thing I kinda dropped altogether is the check in daily. A lot of the time i would forget. Even though i don't check in i have been keeping notes. Thats where i got the "problems" from. 

Anyway here are some of the things i been doing with my time

I will update again in a few days. Feel free leave help ideas or comments if you have any. :)


So the next update.....

 Things have been bumpy... i have missed 4 days so far... not in a row. The reson for this is ....due to life... I have to move. So there are days ...those 4 ... that i spent all day boxing and moving. This will most Likly happen a few more time till everything is moved.

  However other than those 4 days i still do the art habbit. So i think i might end up starting over the day count.... or does it matter and still keep going? Ether way i will still be taking and hr and half out to do work when i not moving all day.

hmmm....I think i going to keep going but when i move do another set of days with this because i was doing every day up till i started moving. What do you all think?



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