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Improved marketing plan for "First Contacts"

First Contacts is a novella about, what else, the first contact with another civilization, with tongue in cheek humor and a government plan that makes everything go wrong.

I am going to work on six points from the first week's tips:

1. Ideal reader exercise:

My ideal reader is a typical middle class working stiff. Male, middle-aged most likely from mid forties to mid fifties. His job is excrutiatingly boring. He has a wife and kids and all of his money goes to supporting the family. He feels his retirement is not going to be great. Would love to quit his job but afraid of not being able to support his family. Feels trapped by the system. Finds himself kind of like Walter Mitty at times. Loves having the use of someone else's imagination so he can escape from reality for brief moments in time and so regain his sanity. He spends very little on himself other than reading about exotic places and fantasy adventures, as well as fun projects he would like to do someday.

2. Book description

Swell. What else was going to go wrong on this trip?

Alec had been sent to this planet to check out something unusual that turned out to be humanity's first extraterrestrial contact.

He had no inkling that anyone else was there until he found the landing struts shot out from under his ship and now it was lying on its side.

His new alien buddies apparently were oblivious to the danger they were in and now his mission had become one of rescue for them as well as for himself.

The AI with the quirky personality on the ship was still functional as well as his exploration sled. Oh yeah he still had the spear with the high technology built in. Sure, no problem, I got this.

3. Cover, title, subtitle

The title is simply "First Contacts" There is no subtitle on this piece. I used plural for the word contact as the protagonist encounters more than one on the same trip.

As for the cover, I have a simple cover on it now that I do not like. I have contracted with DigitalDonna for a new cover and that should be ready on or about Oct. 7th, so I on a holding pattern for that right now.

4. Author bio

Ernest Polmateer is originally from New York, but got tired of sliding to work every day during the winter. He is now living in East Texas where the winter is short and sweet. Loves Brazil.
Ernest learned electronics in the U.S. Coast Guard and later designed and built industrial instrumentation. He also worked on advanced weapon systems for the U.S. govt. and major allies. He was one of the few authorized to send fire control systems directly to the customer, bypassing govt. source inspection. He received a bachelor's in business administration/management. He is now employed full time as a vibration analyst while involved with his latest adventure, beating type II diabetes.

10.Tweak Amazon

Added new book description on Amazon.

Added new author bio and added headshot as well.

Added twitter account to author bio as well. (Gee I thought I had done this already, but obviously not)

11. Get reviews

Added same three lines at end of text as per Octavia Randolph's email to Laura.

14. & 21. I will add an ethical bribe to my website when I have one up and running. That is going to be up by the end of this year. I have not had one made as I do not have time to keep it updated at this time. However, by the end of this year I should have other things in order to be able to spend time on it. So yes a website is needed as well the ethical bribe. Blog? Not sure about that at this point.

15. Are you kidding? Where I live they have to pipe in the sunshine! Still there are some events held periodically in this small town and nearby towns. So perhaps with combining some of those this can be effective over time. I mean who doesn't love a local boy making good in the world? There are also some local libraries I can contact and find out what they do for fund raisers and the like. So this might work even out here in cow country.

17. Be an expert. I have fiction out now and one small science booklet and will write more as time allows. So this is something I have been working on already and did not even know it. So this will go on the website as well.

19. Twitter strategy. That definitely needs some working on as well as LinkedIn, which  I had completely forgotten about. I will update that profile as it is now just a business oriented profile. I am on FB but have not thought about using that venue but will do so now, as well as Pinterest and Google+. So, before the website is up and running I have some things I can do to get ready for it. Mostly learning how all these social sites work so when the website is ready, those will be ready too.


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