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Improve my landing page to get super-committed people on my list

I'm selling a physical product in a very small niche:  bicycle generators

The price of the product is $1250

When people come to my site and join my email list, I know that most of them do so because they are really passionate about changing the world or at least making it a better place through the idea of humans generating electricity.  Many of them have attempted to create their own bicycle generator on their own, or have been researching for awhile, trying to find a product like this.

I've been working on this long enough to know that my product is the most reliable, most efficient, and most likely to get used repeatedly of any other products on the "market".

There are other applications and markets though:  survivalists or doomsday preppers (because it can be used off-grid to generate electricity in a power outage; Schools and organizations that want to educate people on energy issues; and green friendly businesses that have a strong marketing focus that want to create a buzz.

My project here is to just continue to improve my landing page so it gets more of these people hooked. I know it may take months or years to reel many of them in because of the high price of the item, so I'm willing to wait for the payoff down the road, but I don't want to wait any longer than I have to.

My goal is to increase my list from 130 current email addresses and a 30% open rate, to 1000 and a 50% open rate.


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