Improve my Lifestyle for the rest of my life.


I did weight training from December 2010 until August 2012 and saw lackluster results because I was not maintainnig a healthy diet. I have tried working out several times in the last years and have not achieved my goals because I end up quitting several months in. I need to learn how to keep a consitent and healthy diet. 
Positive fitness habit change
Have  consistency when eating healthy meals, and develop a discliplne and self control of eating healthy as a lifesttyle chance..

Project Goals
+Wake up at 8 am at the latest and maintain a consistent sleep cycle.
+Consostently eat oatmeal in the morning and develop excellent eating habits. 
+Lose an average of 2 lbs to reach my goal weight of 175 lbs.
+ Improve my cardiovascular and general fitness. 
 +One i reach 175 lbs I will slowly put on muscle mass.
+ Be able to wear size Medium shirts again and 34 size jeans.
+ Develop self control and discipline.
+ Learn the fundamentals of nutrition.
+ Stop slouching and develop an excellent posture. 
+Inspire people that eating healthy and working out improve the quality of life.

Fitness Plan
Monday - At least 6 mile walk and improve running endurance
Tuesday - Weight Training 
Wednesday - Body weight Excercises "Army Fitness Manual"
Thursday -At least 6 mile walk and improve running endurance
Friday- Weight Training
Saturday- Rest
Sunday-  Body weight Excercises "Army Fitness Manual"

[will update this fitness plan as I gather more information of what is actually achievable]


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