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Improve by 1% Everyday

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I took this class as a follow up to the Get Stuff Done class. I also want to learn more on how I can develop good habits to help support my goals. Here's the result of my habit personality test:


I totally can relate on being an Obliger type since I'm more productive whenever I know someone is counting on me. But if I'm just doing it for myself, I seldom or never get it done since I know I won't be disappointing anyone but myself.

I remember a few months back that I managed to do handlettering every single day for an entire month. It was an online challenge and I was really aiming to finish it and not break my streak for the month. But after that,the habit did not stick.

Here's what i accomplished after watching all the videos and filling up my Habit Loop 2.0 template:


I decided to make daily planning a habit since this was where I think I failed from the the last time I had set goals for myself. I didn't regularly review my goals and I just went throug the day thinking that I'll accomplish everything when I am in the right mood. But that rarely happens and I feel like I wasted a lot of time not doing something about it. Now I want to do something different and develop a habit that will help me finish my personal projects and goals.

Update: Dec. 11, 2015

After 21 Days, here are the things that I learned:

What did you learn?

I learned that it is really a challenge to develop a habit. There were instances where my routine changed for some days since I attended different events during the day. But most of the time I was able to constantly review my habits with the help of the tools that I have. I also learned that measuring and tracking your progress is very important for improving my habits. It gave a feeling of fulfillment when I always keep up with my tasks and then I always think of different ways to improve on habits that I can't keep up with.

What surpised you?

I'm surprised that doing this simple thing at the start of the day had a significant impact on my productivity. Previously I was just drifitng through the day and most of the time not really making any significant progress. Now I know that I'm moving even if it isn't that much, I know that I am closer to what I want to accomplish.

What would you change about this habit?

I'm still tweaking as I go and what I would improve is the tracking of some of my habits and create a way to align them to a much bigger goal. A great example is developing healthy habits everyday to help me reach my goal of lgetting back to my ideal weight. I will just continue the things that are working well and later on, I'll find a way to push myself some more for improvement.

Strides and Todoist were a great help for me in developing my habits. I love how Strides tracks my progres and show me the data I need to know where I am at and what should I improve. Todoist gives a container for all of the tasks and projects that I want to do and finish. I can now track my progress for every course and learnings. The challenge right now for me is knowing what to prioritize and learning to focus on a single task one at a time.


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