Improve Cholesterol, Master the Triangle

Improve Cholesterol and Master the Triangle

January 2013 self-assessment:

  • Weight: 160

    • about 10 lbs. below my highest weight - good
    • about 20 lbs. above my 2008 weight - not a great feeling
  • Cholesterol numbers: not optimal
    • 8/16/12 - LDL: 147, HDL: 51 (first time my LDL had ever been high)
    • 11/15/12 - LDL: 162, HDL: 44 (they're both going in the wrong direction!)
  • Weak muscle area: my core
  • Weak mental areas: low confidence, self-sabotage, & an "it's too hard for me" mindset
  • Current fitness habit status: fell off the yoga bandwagon before Thanksgiving
  • Current dietary habit status: middle range

    • I'm eating more fruits & veggies for the cholesterol = good
    • I've spent January concentrating on getting 64 ounces of water per day and I'm doing well with that
    • But I'm still eating too many processed sweets and doing emotional eating (which is where the excess processed sweets come from--I don't want to cut them altogether; I want to moderate sensibly)


At first I wasn't really sure what kind of goal I wanted for this. Then I came to the conclusion that I want to lower my cholesterol and get to the point where I reliably do the whole hot yoga sequence instead of "punking out" and skipping a few poses. Yoga is good for heart health, breathing, and reduced muscle pain, all of which I need. That felt better, but something still wasn't quite right and so I didn't post my project.

Today I came to the conclusion that I become frustrated not only when I have a goal that's too big, but too *many* goals that I'm keeping track of or involve too many things, even if each individual one is small. I felt much less discouraged when I reduced the yoga goal to one key challenging pose: the bent-knee triangle. For me this is the pose that represents the most difficulty to perfect and sustain in the hot yoga sequence. So I'm going to focus ONLY on it, and I am going to conquer it. Once I own Triangle, I can go from there. It'll still be hard work and involve steps. Soooo...

  • Goal 1: Lower my LDL to <130 and raise my HDL to >50
    • Take fish oil (already doing this)
    • Increase fruits & veggies
      • Doing well on fruit since this past November; keep it up
      • Keep working on veggies until I get 4 servings each day
    • Reduce simple carbs
      • Address emotional eating by reducing stress factors in my life, such as remaining issues w/ ex, etc.
      • Create a plan to deal with my self-sabotage habit
    • Fitness helps in this, so get back to doing yoga for exercise and become a regular again
    • Consider adding walking/dancing/whatever after I've got all the above down, focusing on small movement
  • Goal 2: Be a Master of the Bent-Knee Triangle
    • Show up for class! Get into the habit of going to Sunstone again, and give Triangle a shot each time, no excuses on that pose
    • Develop a habit of doing some planks each morning to address core stability
    • Concentrate first on leg position & stability without worrying about the arms etc.
    • Any extra Wood classes or strength training will help with this, so see what I can stick in and when, being slow and gentle but firm with self

Detailed action plan to start adjusting my lifestyle toward my fitness goals: January & February

  1. Drink 8 glasses of water per day **begun!
  2. Add three sets of Plank to my morning routine **begun!
  3. Embrace the changes made to the Sunstone Yoga program while I was off the bandwagon and just work the new schedule into my lifestyle
  4. Try a "Spark" class at Sunstone, which is supposed to be a less intense Fire--maybe I can work on form
  5. Clear ex's presence from a couple small areas of the apartment: bathroom & dresser top
  6. Do some writing to probe reasons for self-sabotage

Proof of habit:

I've done planks every morning this week. So far I've only changed this small habit, but hey, I changed it. Proof:

[The image is from]


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