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Importance of Work / Life Balance in Today’s Digital World

One of the hot topics in modern business theory is the work / life balance, especially since the digital world has started creeping so quickly into both spheres. The old adage of “leaving your baggage at the door” doesn’t apply anymore and there are times when it becomes impossible to distinguish personal life from professional life. This is particularly true for those who work at home and those whose workday doesn’t necessarily stop just because they leave the office. While the growing flexibility of the business world has made it possible to have a 24/ 7 global economy, this has been taxing on individuals.


Work is often seen as the enemy, because it seems to suck the life out of so many people. Strangely enough, this is not always due to cruel or unjust leadership at their respective company; the employee’s own standards might be high and the desire not to disappoint or fail is a very powerful motivator. In my experience of seeing companies rise and fall, some of the unhappiest or most overworked employees were being led by someone oblivious to their concerns. As a leader or a management team, you must find a way to manage your employees’ endurance, rather than burning them out and finding someone to replace them.

This isn’t a brand-new concept and many companies respond to the pressure of keeping employees happy by offering attractive perks, pay bumps, or an interesting and stimulating work environment. There is nothing wrong with this approach, but there is another way - something that will speak directly to the employees’ underlying interests and something that will benefit them in their personal life in an unexpected way. As an employer, you want to make sure your workforce is more than just a replaceable set of functional tools and one way of doing that is to actively work to make them better. Appeal to their personalities and make the company culture reflect the way they want to love their lives.


Orbitz offers just one example of how a perpetually growing company can maintain that personalized feel for its employees, making sure that they are stimulated in a way that interests them. This will not only increase their satisfaction with their job (Orbitz has an 86% satisfaction rating among employees), but will also result in better productivity and greater satisfaction of consumers. In the travel industry specifically, a worker may be engaged before, during, and after a client’s vacation; they play an integral part in making sure the trip goes smoothly. That is a huge responsibility and one that you want your workers to take very seriously.

Can you think of a group of people who would understand the challenges and wonders of travel, as well as being interested in helping others make the most of their vacations? Worldly and passionate travelers often have the best advice to give and that sort of real-world experience is priceless in the travel industry. What if you are fascinated by travel, but haven’t had the opportunity to do much of it yet? That shouldn’t exclude you from working in the travel industry and a company like Orbitz might encourage you to get out into the world through the variety of programs on offer, in order to get some of that hands-on adventuring that will prove so valuable.

This same tactic can be applied in any industry and the end result will be well-rounded employees who respect, appreciate, and remain loyal to their company. Learn more about the importance of work/life balance in today’s digital world, only at the University Canada West.


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