Impetuousness, TMI, and Self-Critique

Impetuousness, TMI, and Self-Critique - student project

I live my life by three simple rules. The first two are more mental reminders than “rules”—kind of like “don’t be a fool, wrap your tool” or “never test your toast with a knife.”  

Never wear button-fly jeans.

Never forget you’re wearing button-fly jeans.

Have a fucking story.

For the past year of my life, I've lived vicariously through the stories of every stranger I meet, capturing the drunk, horny, introspective, romantic, philosophical, all-too-topical, deeply-personal, and random penis drawings of every person I meet.

Impetuousness, TMI, and Self-Critique - image 1 - student project

Maybe this acts as an autobiography of sorts or maybe it's a documentation of the human condition.

Here's a lens into the lives of strangers--from celebrities in NYC to homeless men in Dublin to white water rafters in West Virginia to starving artists in Berlin.