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Lori Womble

Principal/Creative Designer • Redclay Creative



Imperfect Progress

Test Results:

Phase 1: Danger

Phase 2: Danger

Phase 3: Danger

Phase 4: Danger

Phase 5: Danger

YIKES! This is exactly why I need this class.


Once upon a time, I used to be so organized. I had a notebook with all my to do list items and was able to follow it and check things off like a pro. My files were in tip-top shape and I didn't run into situations where my heart beat out of my chest because I realized I had forgotten to do something.  Fast forward to present has changed drastically. I had two children, a business of my own and we moved into a major fixer-upper house. In addition, that notebook I loved so much, turned into not one, but several notebooks, a computer, smart phone, iPad, and a zillion sticky pads. I have notes everywhere and not sure which one to look at first, and technology has overwhelmed me instead of helping.

I have so many dreams...for my business(es) as well as personal, but tend to get bogged down in my unorganized, chaotic every day tasks. In order to accomplish anything and live out my dreams, I need to take the bull by the horns and get things under control. I'm hoping this class will allow me to do that. Here we go...

Phase 1: Collecting

My Collection Containers are: ToDoist, Evernote, Inbox Tray and Email Inbox

Off to a good start, I think. All of my open loops have been listed in ToDoist.

Phase 2: Processing

• Rewrite open loops into next physical action: due 3/12



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