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Imperfect Breakfast

Breakfast is my favorite meal. I prefer it to be my main meal. Eggs, bacon, ham, biscuits, fried potatoes, waffles, pancakes, fruit. That's called dreaming in my world. 

My breakfast is as fast as I can make it. I don't drink traditional breakfast drinks but have a Coca-Cola to get my boost of caffeine. Many mornings breakfast is peanut butter (protein) and crackers with a Coke. So that - rather than an arty, not reality breakfast - is what I chose to present.

My lighting was intentionally more harsh than even, though with more time I might have changed it some. Also, my camera died so I shot this with my cell phone.I like the look of glare contrasted with deep shadows. The shadows are lacking for me in this final collage.  


Thanks for a fun class, Mariya.


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