Immigrant children discuss their mixed cultural identity

after the fall of the Iron curtain in Comunist russia, jewish citizens were finally allowed to leave the country to Israel, where they could lead an antisemitism free life in the the promissed land.


this movie is about 28-35 year old israeli people who were brought to israel at an early age and spent most of their life here. the conflict between their parents russian identity and the local isareli mentality caused many of them to hide thier roots and and family in order to blend in. 


today, 25 years after the begining of the russian immigration wave to israel, we can look back at our adolescence and talk about it without the shame that was an integral part of growing up.


i've already shot shot some of the footage, and the interviews are amazingly interesting and relateable.

I can already tell that if I was to edit the video from the interview bits alone it will look uninteresting.

the problem is that i didnt know what more to shoot for the establish or b-roll so i dont have enough extra material... 

i would love to listen to any advice on how to overcome this....


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