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Immigrant Spirit GmbH. Recruit. Retain. Consult. International Talent for Germany

A Very Warm Welcome!

Are you interested in working in Germany?

Our country needs smart, sophisticated and motivated people to build an even better future. Till 2025 we need 6.5 million skilled expatriates to replace retiring baby boomers.

So, again: Welcome to Germany!

German population shrinks by 200.000 people - a city - per year

Half of Germany is over 47 years old. Every generation is 1/3 smaller than the previous one. You don't see many children on our streets anymore.

We are one of the richest nations in the world - but afraid about the future.

A healthy country needs lots of young people. We need not only their talent and skills - but their optimism, their trust in their own ability and their idealism to make a better world.

Immigrant Spirit finds these people and offers them a career in Germany.

Everyone working at Immigrant Spirit GmbH has worked and lived abroad. That's why we understand the special challenges that international professionals face abroad - and the advantages that they can bring to your company.

Immigrant Spirit GmbH recruits international talent for companies in Germany.

We then help companies retain their talent by supporting each expatriate with a personal culture coach during the first year of her assignment.

The culture coach serves as an "emotional anchor" and helps the expatriate to adjust to the German business culture, create professional and social contacts and define her personal goals for her term in Germany.

Our Target Customer

Our goal is to work with those companies who embrace diverse talents and backgrounds as an asset in an ever faster changing world. 

Feedback to our project

My biggest concerns:

How can we attract those companies who share our worldview: That a diverse workforce is making companies stronger to compete in an ever faster changing world?

How can we make the "bigger picture" of our work clearer and shorter?



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